Christina Pou

Law Practice Management Optimization

Christina Pou
Christina Pou
Practice Management/Technology

My early career was in the airline industry. My studies were at the Pan American Flight Academy, where I received certifications as Flight Dispatcher and later as Flight Dispatch instructor for Pan Am.

The skills I developed allowed me to work with several major commercial and charter airlines in Miami, the Dominican Republic and Canada, focusing of the operational and technical aspect of flight safety, scheduling and operations.

These opportunities opened doors and made me friends and contacts in many countries, which I continue to maintain today.

After 11 gratifying years, I decided to explore new opportunities, which lead me to move to Spain.

​I returned to Miami (after how long?) along with my business partner and we embarked on an untapped venture to locally mass-produce a popular Spanish food product: the “Tortilla Espanola”. The business was a well-hoped success. Following the September 11 attacks, the impact on our country’s safety  and economic insecurities resulted in the cancellation of some of our largest contracts and eventually to the closing of operations.

​A new opportunity brought me into the legal field: I began work for a sole practitioner law firm, where – in addition to the legal aspects, I also automated the antiquated accounting and record-keeping paper systems with QuickBooks and legal software. The progress from basic data entry to mastering the technology of today has brought me immense personal and professional satisfaction, and the improvement I was able to witness and achieve is unimaginable.                                      

I continued in the legal field and I have been fortunate to provide dependable support and expertise to this top AV-rated law firm for the past 18 years.