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On-Site Training specific to your industry


The following on-site plans usually work best for most clients, but are not exclusive of the services avaliable. The net result to our clients is greater growth and profits through the skills of maintaining an efficient managed accounting system.


With my services you get…


On-Site Setup

Company set up on-site and customized to your operation. Hardware and software requirements, training on the basic accounting principles and data entry procedures to efficiently record all related tasks of customers, vendors, banking and reporting. An overview of all online services and add on software available that would maximize accuracy and efficiency for your operation.


In-Depth Analysis

An analysis of all tasks and methods currently in use with written instructions on how to customize to the full potential of your operation. Suggested upgrades, online services and add on software available to enhance the effort


Problem Solving

An issue or task will be resolved for your operation, limited only to the features within you current software or hardware.You will also receive written recommendations of upgrades, online services and 3rd party add on software that would improve the result


Unique Approach

We offer an interactive coaching program, based on the general accounting principles “GAAP,” to keep you in compliance with all the standards and regulations that concern your business or profession


Step by Step Instructions

You and your staff receive the proper guidance, with easy to follow instructions. We guide you through maintaining a reliable accounting system for your Quickbooks software.

Superior Support

We become part of your total planning solution using real time technology to troubleshoot all financial practices, strengthen accountability, with sensible systems and controls.


As part of my services you will also be kept current with the most up-to-date Quickbooks software add-ons and technological information.


ProBooks is now positioned in the cloud, leading the way in Quickbooks consulting with a secure, reliable environment that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any computer, with real-time file sharing.

You are able to simplify maintenance and eliminate server support by replacing almost all your hardware, software, and IT Fees.

You may also chose to streamline the business process with paperless document management for the ultimate liberation.

Be free to go about your business… of doing business!

ProBooks is in the Cloud!


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