Law Firm/Case Matter Accounting

Powered by Technology

Build on Strengths/Opportunities 

 Outsource Weaknesses/Risks  

Increase Your Law Practice’s Profits

I now have law firms as my niche specialty, and the accolades of my happy clients who simply love my ability of integrating data entry workflows with a law practice’s culture, putting accounting principles in the service of speedy and customized report delivery that matters.​

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Marilyn Charles

Christina Pou
Practice Management/Technology

Make Your Law Firm More Efficient

The progress from basic data entry to mastering the technology of today has brought me immense personal and professional satisfaction, and the improvement I was able to witness and achieve is unimaginable.

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Services We Can Help You With

Law Firm Books

We take full ownership ​​

  • Record transactional events
  • AutoPay Expenses/Costs 
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Financial Reports

Case Matter Reports

We share based on roles 

  • Attorney Role/Rate/Time
  • Billing & Online Collection
  • Costs Recovery/Digital Wallet
  • Compensation Distribution
  • YES… Mobile Friendly!


We Collaborate    

  • ​Liability-Tax Reporting
  • IOLTA Reconciliations
  • HR Guidance
  • Regulatory-Risk Tracking
  • Cybersecurity-API inclusive

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