Mission & Values

We intend to earn your trust by offering dedicated attention and sharing lessons learned to benefit your firm. 

Legal accounting is one of the most dreaded tasks for many lawyers, but it’s a necessary part of getting paid and staying compliant.

We guarantee outstanding work and prompt turnaround time. 

Our offering is traditional accounting and best practices, with an eye on the latest technology and/or reaching out to our financial and technical network for expert opinions.

Financial Reports are based on Accepted Accounting Principles that ensure data integrity. 

Our Actions would hold your firm’s integrity as our own and willing sign a MDA to protect your assets.

  • Data entry error mitigation between billing and accounting systems
  • Client trust accounting 
  • Proper accounting of case costs
  • Understanding where the money came from
  • Differentiating income and revenue

The right legal accounting software will help you eliminate bottlenecks with features like: 

  • Process automation: streamline bank reconciliations, expense tracking. Generate on-point, no-nonsense financial reports. 
  • Workflow optimization: customize workflows. Create task dependencies. Assign projects collaborators. Implement fast approval solutions. Manage and track all your projects with ease. Inevitable result: Increased efficiency, increased profit.
  • Real-time collaboration: “live” updates, instant communication between team members. No more back-and-forth exchanges or delays.  
  • Centralized data management: consolidate critical information: bring client data, billing records, trust accounts, and general ledgers in one place. No more searching for information across multiple systems. 

Reporting and analytics tools will give precise insights into your firm’s financial performance. Identify bottlenecks, find areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your workflows.