Why ProBooks for Law?

Power Is Information in Action!

We have the experience and expertise to handle your financial needs around bookkeeping and accounting, financial reporting, planning and analysis, operating dashboards, diligence, fundraising, M&A, and executive-level insights. We offer CFO-level representation to help you achieve your firm’s financial goals. We know what it takes to build step by step, grow sustainably, and scale efficiently.

We help build your tech stack with the latest capabilities and service models, so that you remain relevant as a law firm of the future.

Get back low value management interruptions with automation and bots. We enable you to command thoughts, creativity, while keeping full knowledge and understanding of your firm’s financials. Free up your time and energy, achieve professional and personal goals. Add value to your practice and professional image. Create a balance of work/life. We are the choice to effect change, drive growth and invest in your Firm’s future.

Effect Change, Drive Growth and Invest in Your Firm’s Future

What ProBooks for Law Offers

Accurate financial reports: AI-based insights, analysis, opinions for all the issues that require attention

  • Level UP as automated workflows build momentum;
  • Reach out for Planning & Tax Advantages;
  • Partner/Staff Compensation Plans
  • Pitch Banks, Investors, Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Asset Protection, Financial Retirement, Succession, Estate Planning, Risk Exposure;​​
  • END GAME: keep your own scorecard – Play to WIN!

Law Asks

  • Flexibility to work ON, not IN your law firm;
  • Get back low value interruptions;
  • Free up Firm’s needs of time and energy;
  • Follow client relationships/behaviors;
  • Focus mindset on Growth, Goals & Vision;
  • Finance: know where you are/where you’re going;
  • Command thoughts, creativity, get the big picture;
  • Add value to your professional image;
  • Find peace of mind, WORK/LIFE balance; 

Accounting Answers

  • Robotic data entry workflows;
  • Scale back office administration;
  • No manual entry, eliminate human error;
  • Process driven work, manage only exceptions;
  • Stay on top of visibility/transparency;
  • Speed: optimization of receivables, payables;
  • Actionable real time data driven reports;
  • Analysis, insights what if scenarios, trends;
  • Financials, Benchmarks & KPI metrics;
  • Technical training for all  User roles;