Marilyn Charles

Marilyn Charles

Law Office Workflow Improvement

The pandemic years changed my general QuickBooks practice of 20+ years, steering it towards back office financial administration for law practice. My strong “by the numbers” background yielded victories against the challenges of law practice accounting. I became very adept in using technology to overcome such challenges. I found myself stuck in front of the computer, wading through heaps of “solutions” that did little to truly improve accounting and operations workflow. I was able to make full use of my expertise and problem-solving skills. I discovered the “gems” of financial apps that truly improve law practice accounting and bookkeeping through automation.

My skill set is still based on the accounting principles of applying workflow efficiencies. The “sweet spot” of my own practice is the ability to adapt those efficiencies to a law firm’s culture and management style… you are my ideal client!

Accounting Experience

My accounting career began with employment at a local Boston CPA firm who sponsored my studies at Bentley College. (when?)

​I continued on my own providing financial reports for CPA and Tax Attorney clients riding the tech wave, making full use of various accounting, bookkeeping and write-up software.

The advent of QuickBooks put a fortunate spin on my work. I joined their ProAdvisor program. I also started specializing in several other applications that are better fits for custom assignments.​

The ongoing explosion of technology in all the aspects of life and professions led me to specialize in the inner workings of one particular type of client, more than any other: I now have law firms as my niche specialty, and the accolades of my happy clients who simply love my ability of integrating data entry workflows with a law practice’s culture, putting accounting principles in the service of speedy and customized report delivery that matters.​

My 30+ years as founder & principal of ProBooks equipped me with a solid understanding of most areas of law. I am happy to focus my practice on this distinguished group of professionals, and the satisfaction is always mutual.